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Volume 2 Update

Hello all,

You’re all probably wondering what the hell happened to No Place Like Home? Well, life kinda got in the way. I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say last year brought a series of positive life events that swallowed Richard’s time and in my case a series of tragic, unfortunate events that swallowed my soul and ability to even think about putting words to paper.

However, we all have dark patches in our lives, and I’ve certainly been using that as inspiration in writing the second volume of No Place Like Home. Yes, it’s being scripted as we speak and I’m making great progress with it. As for the art, Rich is busy being a dad to his newborn son and working silly hours at his day job so we’re working out when he can get back to creating those beautiful pages you love so much. Hopefully I’ll have some firm dates on that sooner than later.

So, It is happening, it’s just difficult putting this stuff out on a regular basis because comic books are not our full time occupation. No Place Like Home was and is created during our spare time which limits our output at this point. However, steps are being taken on my part to make writing and creating comics my full time, day job and I’ve got a couple of projects to announce in the next month which I’ll be Kickstarter funding. This will give me the ability to focus my time solely on comic books and make sure everything gets published in a timely manner.

We do love No Place Like Home and we do realise that some of you are a little pissed it’s taking so long. All we ask is for a little more patience, we promise 2014 will see the next chapter of No Place Like Home.

I’ll do my best to ensure you’re all updated on a more regular basis and I genuinely want to thank all of you for your continued support and love for the book. It will be rewarded!

In the meantime, keep introducing people to the book and spreading the word, it all helps to keep No Place Like Home moving forward.

Thanks again,


No Place Like Home Volume 1 Trade Paperback

Yes, finally, it’s here and will be available from 3rd March and we’re super stoked to say it looks great!

Thanks for the continued support folks, more news soon!

The Spear #1 Cover

The Spear… has a Facebook Page

Hi guys and gals, please feel free to visit, ‘Like’ and share our next project’s Facebook page, we’d really appreciate it.

And don’t worry, it wont interfere with No Place Like Home’s schedule!

Thanks again!

Competition Results

OK, it was very, very difficult to choose a winner and we want to thank everyone who submitted art and waited ages to hear the results. We love you all and really appreciate your efforts and support for the book. We couldn’t do this without you!

Like I said, it was tough, so we’re going to give a 1st Prize and a 2nd Prize instead of just one.

2nd prize is a copy of No Place Like Home Volume 1 trade paperback signed by both Richard and I with a sketch of the winner’s favourite character from No Place Like Home.

1st prize is as above plus we will print the winner’s submission in the the trade paper back too!

2nd prize goes to… Antonio J. Rojo Román.

1st prize goes to… Jericho Vilar.

So congrats guys, we loved your art! I’ll drop you both a line in a few days to find out which characters you want sketched and to get your addresses to post them out when they arrive!

Thanks again!


BiffBamCrash Review No Place Like Home #5

Nice review from the guys over at BifBamCrash, check it out here.
Thanks Shawn!


Complex Review No Place Like Home #5

Great review from Complex over here.
Thanks Jason!

NPLH5 Advance

Advance Copies of No Place Like Home #5 have arrived!

YES! They are here, which means you’ll be able to get your hands on them on the 17th, we’re both super stoked! Let us know what you think guys and gals!


Room 237

The huge No Place Like Home poster at Room 237, the comic book store Angelo owns in Southsea, England.


No Place Like Home #5 OUT IN OCTOBER!

Yes, that’s right, issue #5 is finally at the printers and will be in your hands early October. Thanks for being so patient folks, we’re really proud of this one!


Digital Copies of #3 – UPDATE

It seems the digital version of No Place Like Home #3 is missing the final story page, so all those who get your NPLH fix digitally, expect and update soon. Sorry about this folks, it was out of our hands but we’re doing everything to get it sorted as soon as possible.