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Great characters are confronted with a deadly adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.

No Place Like Home is an incredibly fun, bizarre, and graphic take on Dorothy’s classic Wizard of Oz adventure.  Writer Angelo Tirotto states in the issue’s letter column that though influenced by the renowned children’s tale, No Place Like Homeis indeed telling its own story.  After the deadly introduction, it’s quite clear that No Place Like Home is unlike any other adaptation around.

Following a catastrophic tornado, story lead Dee makes her way back to Kansas from L.A. to grieve and bury her parents.  Dee and her closest friend, Lizzie, are instantly likeable and their tight-knit close friendship forms the backbone of No Place Like Home.  Watching Dee succumb to her grief, only to have Lizzie and her childhood relationships swoop in to help her is powerful, making the oncoming mysterious storm all the more concerning.

An incredibly deep mystery surrounds the friends, which just begs to be uncovered.  Tirotto has sown the seeds of a deadly secret that reaches back decades to Dee’s parents, and leads to an even stranger and fatal cliffhanger.  Though Dee is surely the center of the secret, there is no way to guess what will happen next.

Tirotto’s partner in his adaptation is Richard Jordan, who much like his peer, is an unknown yet talented creator. Dee and Lizzie’s character designs are the perfect match for Tirotto’s take on the Oz story.  The first page, moreover, with Dee’s father, a scarecrow, and the family barn all caught in the shadow of a massive and destructive tornado, is the perfect introduction to the title.

For readers looking for something fresh and fun, yet deadly and mysterious, look no further than No Place Like Home.  Angelo Tirotto’s take on The Wizard of Oz is unlike any adaptation seen before.  Something bizarre is happening in small-town Kansas, but hopefully for the characters of No Place Like Home, their strong bonds will help them survive.