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No Place Like Home #1

What it’s about: Make no mistake about it: This isn’t your typical re-imagining of the Wizard Of Oz. Unlike Marvel’s recent straightforward retelling of the classic tale, No Place Like Home reads more like something that would have sprung from the mind of Stephen King, not Frank L. Baum.

No Place Like Home starts out familiarly enough when Kansas is rocked by a tornado, but instead of whisking Dorothy off to the Land of Oz, the story takes some distinctly different turns. Here, the focus is on a girl named Dee who comes back to Kansas after her parents are both killed during the storm. After the funeral, she slowly begins to realize that this isn’t the first time her town has been rocked by tragedy.

Don’t expect any Cowardly Lions, Tin Men, or Scarecrows, though, since this first issue introduces a complex mystery that grows increasingly more gruesome on every page. There’s a twisted fairytale aspect to this issue as writer Angelo Tirotto introduces horror and violence to the world that Judy Garland made famous. Not to mention, Richard Jordan’s art is stunning. Similar to the type of pervasive gore and raw emotion that Darick Roberston brought to The Boys, Jordan’s art is grimy and visceral, with a real sense of energy and, in some cases, panic.

There are no yellow-brick roads, wizards, or munchkins yet, but No Place Like Home holds a lot of promise. Maybe we’ll get more Oz elements in future issues, yet even without them this issue is a clear winner.