HorrorTalk reviser #1 in their Funny Book Splatter this week here.

Thanks James.

Dee returns home to a rural town in Kansas to bury her parents after they died in a “tornado.”  That’s the story everyone’s telling, but there’s clearly more going on in this place.  Thomas, the town drunk, knows something, but everything thinks he’s crazy.  And there’s definitely a mystery surrounding the death of Thomas’ brother William several years ago. It’s unclear if this was something supernatural or what, but it was definitely covered up.

Richard Jordan handles the art on No Place Like Home.  His characters have somewhat of an old school comics feel to them, like you’d expect out of one of the golden age books, but slightly modernized.  That fits with the setting of the small town in Middle America that isn’t quite up to the speed of the big city.

This premiere issue of No Place Like Home provides just enough information to pull you in with an ending that’s shocking, but will no doubt lead to some much needed explanation.


Overall 4/5 Stars