I’m on Patreon and would love your help!

Some of you already know me through my work at Image Comics with horror comic, No Place Like Home or have worked with me over the past few years on your own comic books in some capacity.

My main goals using Patreon are to enable me to create new books, continue No Place Like Home as well as create a Comic Book Pitch Anthology and a comic book title with you, the Patreons who support me.

Most importantly, I want the rewards to not only the bonus or early content I produce but I would love to utilise my skills and experience to help other creators get their comic books out there too.

To get an idea of who I am and what I’ve been up to, please read my first post on Patreon “Welcome and What’s this all about?”, it’ll fill you in on what I hope to achieve and you’ll discover what happened to No Place Like Home and what my plans for the future are.

Please read through the rewards and consider, if you can, supporting me in my endeavours, it’s the only way I can get back into this wonderful world of funny books.

Your help is greatly appreciated and your monthly pledges will go directly towards helping me write, produce and publish new work as well as working with as many interested Patreons to get their work and into readers hands.

Patreon will be the life blood to my comic book work and without your generosity and support I will not be able to do it. So, if you like what I do, or like what I’m proposing, jump onboard, I promise it will be worth it.

You can support me and my work by clicking this handy link to my Patreon.

Many thanks in advance!