Portsmouth’s Premiere Destination for Comic Books and Graphic Novels.

Room 237, originally on Elm Grove in Southsea, and it’s basement art gallery, The Gold Room was a must visit destination for all things comic book, graphic novel, art book and pop-culture related (it’s now on Albert Road sadly minus the art gallery).

Before deciding to focus full time on creative projects, I co-founded Room 237 and created the identity and in-store design, from flyers to wallpaper, the shop was a tribute to my favourite horror book and movie, The Shining, with The Gold Room being named after the giant ballroom from the infamous Overlook Hotel.

It was great fun (and still is, I might add) and I miss all the shows, conversations, bizarre goings on and people who frequented it very much.



Room 237-WP-Shop A

Room 237-WP-Shop B