The guys over at Third Eye Comics have posted a great advance review of #1.

Thanks guys!

This book kicks ass! This was one of the advances we got a chance to sit down with last week, and folks: I’m glad we did! This book is killer. I was already intrigued by the concept, and the stellar artwork, but after reading #1, I’m hooked.

So, what’s the scoop? Meet Dee, Dee’s life is in turmoil when her parents are killed in a freak tornado. And, now, returning to Kansas for the funeral after spending five years in LA, Dee discovers Emeraldsville is the same unexciting place it was when she left — until a bizarre string of unexplained murders begins.

Now, with an unknown killer closing in, the events of one night in 1959 begin to unravel as a portal to a world of horror opens, a portal paved with yellow bricks…

Taking the original ideas and concepts of the Wizard of Oz stories, and bringing a dark, modern twist to them mixed with some nightmarish otherworldly surrealism, NO PLACE LIKE HOME is a fantastic, fresh new read that fits in nice with IMAGE’S spring line-up. Totally rad, we highly recommend snagging issue #1 and giving this one a shot.