Huh? What’s a Manwolf?

MANWOLFS, with art by one of my all time favourite illustrators, Dean Beattie. The Manwolfs​ are a motley crew of bohemian, beer drinking, skateboarding, anti-corporate, fun loving extroverts.

Lead by an enigmatic, and somewhat unbalanced, leader, conveniently named, The Leader, the Manwolfs are never far away from trouble, mainly because they are usually causing it.

In their never-ending quest to stay sensitive, the Manwolfs have spent literally hours honing and training their bodies to better prepare for the adventures and mayhem that inevitably follows them around. Fuelled by beer, the finest takeout food and a ‘Kick To Kill’ mentality, the Manwolfs are ready to tear down the walls of consumerism and injustice wherever they find them. Failing that, a nice cup of tea and newspaper will do.

But, don’t take our word for it, check the Manwolfs out for yourself here and here.
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